Monday, February 13, 2006

The Bobble Cushion

Whether the style of your home is Victorian, Edwardian, Retro-Funk or Ultra Modern, the Bobble Cushion will snuggle into the mood perfectly.

Various methods of manipulating fabric have been in and out of fashion for a very long time. Most of us will remember the lush ‘Lattice Smocked’ cushions our grandmother’s made in the forties and fifties, then the brighter, modern colours used in the sixties.

My version is made in velvet, which shows up the texture beautifully. Plus, I love to snuggle into a velvet cushion . All of my cushions are velvet!
The design would work very well in shot silk, as well as most other fabrics that I can think of. Made up in an appropriate floral is surprisingly successful, although it does not photograph effectively so I can’t show you. I would like to make one in some old, metallic-looking Japanese silk I have in my voluminous fabric collection. That would be an incredibly funky bobbly cushion.
Pattern: Go to my Etsy Shop.


Bhavani Harikrishnan said...

hi Bobby,
you have mentioned lattice smocking as one of your interests. have you any patterns to share?
Wishing you good health and cheer,

Tensandeights said...

Bobby, this is such a pretty design, with a modern feel. Lovely.