Monday, February 13, 2006

Op Shop Tapestry Conversion.

This old daggy canvas work looks beautiful now with rucched velvet and bobble fringe. Shocking photo, sorry. My true love and I discussed what colour for the fringe, and he wasn't sure I'd picked the right colour until he saw it finished. He's good like that, you know, sharing about such a thing, because he's just as particular as I am and because it matters to him what colours we use in the caravan. Our caravan is far more stylish than our (rented) house. We deliberate over every addition. He chose the fabric I covered the couch in, this lovely blue.
I did 'Velvet' stitch or 'Ghiordes' or 'Turkey Knots', whichever you wish to call it... down the horses mane to cover a stain.
I'll take a better picture soon, and one of the back, which always must be as lovely. I've buttoned the back with old bakerlite buttons. Is that how you spell bakerlite?
And just a hint: Put the buttons to one end so you can snuggle your face into the velvet and not into hard buttons.
Just put this in to give you an idea for some old embroideries you might have floating around...

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sukigirl said...

Beautiful cushion!
Oh how I wish I had some old tapestries hanging around!