Monday, February 13, 2006

The Rabbit Cushion

So called because I used an old rabbit fur coat my mother had owned. This cushion is supreme in decadence and lusciousness. If I take it to class and hand it to someone, they invariably hug it and put their face to the lovely soft fur. The bee embroidery is worked largely in metallic threads and filaments, with cotton, silk and rayon as well.

I am sorry for the poor little lapin, long deceased, and hope my efforts honour them in some way.

The design will be a pattern at some stage, is already a class (get some gals together and give me a ring), and if you want to buy the cushion itself you'll need to wait until I figure out how much it is. Worth every dollar.

I wrote a silly story about it, but it's too long for here, so I've stuck it somewhere and you can find it there.


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Another stunning design, and so cuddle-able.